Friday, October 31, 2008

Hotel pool


We got to our hotel around 8pm and the girls were so excited to go to the pool. So by the time we got in our room and down there it was late and they had the pool all to themselves, they thought this was heaven! Still, no clue why they are all the way in Orlando, Florida (they know where we are, but have no clue what that means). The pool was HUGE and a really cool jacuzzi, but didn't get a chance to go in there.

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Taking off for Florida

Here we're taking off for Florida, still the kids don't know where we are going.
Asher is enthralled by airplanes, he signs it whenever he hears one and at exercise class there is a boy who always brings these toy fighter airplanes, which Asher always gravites to, much to the dismay of the boy. It would've been fun to be inside his little noggin to know what he was thinking. I wonder if he understood that he was inside of a real airplane.
We had two rows and Chadd sat by this older couple who were great, especially after we gave them free drink coupons that Chadd gets for flying so frequently. All the kids did great on the plane, suprisingly Asher did really well for 4 hours sitting in a little space. I think all the passengers were relieved, especially after seeing us board up:)

The Plane Ride




The kids still have no clue where we are going. They keep thinking we are going to visit grandma and grandpa:) We had two rows and Chadd sat by this older couple who were great, especially since we gave them some drink coupons Chadd gets for flying so frequently. They were so great with Asher and Ash did pretty dang good for a 4 hour flight and little room to go.
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Picking up the kids

This is right after picking up the kids at school and on our shuttle to the airport, after dropping off the car. Doesn't Asher look so excited?! The girls did not have any clue where they were going yet.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Surprise Trip

We are leaving today, Friday, to take our kids to Disneyworld in Orlando, FL. The fun part is that our kids have no clue that they are going anywhere. They'll go to school in the morning and around 10:30am we are going to pick them up and drive to the airport. We are not going to tell them anything till we get there, in florida. I'm so excited, it's like Christmas. We haven't done a big trip like this for our whole family, so I'm super excited and hope the kids are too. We will post pics as soon as we can and hopefully some video of their reactions. (oh, and London had her birthday on tuesday and so I keep telling her we're having her bday party this weekend-won't she be surprised). Well probably should go to bed so I can get some sleep before the big hurrah:)

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Asher is in love with pumpkins. He has to go outside and show me our neighbors blow-up pumpkin everyday. He especially loves this pumpkin that plugs in and lights up. So guess what I'm doing everyday?! He's going to go nuts at Halloween, it will be fun to see.

Our little woodworkers

We took the kids to Lowes to build their own pirate ship. They thought it was great fun, especially Asher, as he got to use his own little hammer. He is all boy, with his love of tools, balls, cars, and makes everything into a gun--already!!

London, full??!!!!

We went to one of my favorite places, Buca Di Bepo, for a belated b-day dinner. I got a free dessert, a huge brownie sundae that we all shared. London was loving it. And then she says, "mommy I'm full, my tummy hurts." Well, if any of you know London this was a first in her young life, so we had to make sure we captured this moment on camera and record it for our family history:)

Asher and his love of bathroom toilitries

Asher is a lover of toilitries and always reorganizes the cupboards and drawers in our bathroom. This is when he found some powder that was open and went to town. He thought it was great fun and got a good laugh at himself.