Monday, July 21, 2008

Addi's directorial debut

Addi decided to try her hand in making a video. I love it! I wonder where she gets her idea that her room is messy:) Sounds just like her Mom. Well enjoy-I got a kick out of it.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Addi's day as a photographer

Addi got a hold of my camera and took pics of her messy room and London. What fun.

Cute PJ's

Chadd's Mom gave me these pjs that she made for Chadd when he was a baby. I think they are the bomb! He looks so handsome, just like his Dad!

Asher walking

Asher has been walking since about 11 months and now is almost running. He's getting to be a pro. This video is especially for our family who don't get to see us very often. Enjoy!

Asher loving the cupboards

This was so funny!!! Asher pulled out all the contents of this cupboard and then tried to climb into the cupboard, not realizing that it's a drawer too. So, he fell back into it and landed like this! The great mom I am ran to get a camera instead of helping him out. It's a great pic though don't you think?! Man he's sure cute even though he's like a tasmanian devil destroying as he goes.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our trip to Roswell with Daddy. Can you tell which one is on the way down and which one is on the way home? Me and Chadd were wondering what were we thinking?!


Wahoo! We got concrete! We extended our patio and hooked a sidewalk to our front patio to our back patio and then on the north side of the house back to the driveway. The girls think it's the bomb! They could ride their scooters around and around forever! Definitely a good buy, we love it. Chadd has done a lot of work in our yard and it's looking awesome. It sure is nice to have a handy husband. Plus, we have some great neighbors and friends who have pitched and helped. We will post more pics once its a little more finished. Just putting rock in and hopefully our covered patio, but we might've depleted all our funds. Well for sure next year! Plus we will be putting in plants and lights. A lot of work and planning, but sure worth it.

Rocky Point

Just some more pics from Rocky Point. At the pool enjoying our daquiries and on the condo patio overlooking the beach and sunset with my friends Jamie, Joy, Karen, Mieke and Sarah.

Girls trip

At the end of June I went with a group of girls down to Rocky Point, Mexico. I had a blast! We spent the first night at my friend's, Mieke, in-laws in Tucson. We stayed in this beautiful condo overlooking the beach and basically laid out, read, played games, ate great food, shopped, and rode a banana boat that made 2 girls lose their sunglasses and me to almost throw up as I gulped up the ocean. The best part was swimming in the ocean and just riding the waves. It was nice and warm and the sand was so soft. Well, it was great until the time we stayed out while the sun set and the tide changed and the jellyfish came our way and stung me, Joy, and Mieke. Man it would've been fun to have a video of us six women screaming and running out of the ocean as fast as possible. Windex and vinegar helped, luckily we didn't have to resort to some other options! It definitely provided for some fun memories. We also ate fabulous fresh tortillas and great chicken tacos at this great little restaurant. It was sure fun to go and relax. Thanks to my hubby and friends who helped with the kids while I was gone.:) And thanks to Mieke for provided a fun girls trip. Loved it!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Asher enjoying his 1st birthday cake! Ravenous comes to mind! Well he ate pretty much the whole thing-it was a little doggy cake that he woofed at. I know you all wish you were here to give him a bath afterwards, but no I got to do the honors, fun fun!

Baking time

It's always a good day when baking is going on--well baking sort of, if we have any batter left:)

Enjoying pool time at our neighbors. Asher was loving the dog and the girls were loving swimming.

Sunday afternoon at our house. I don't know if London has enough blankets. What do you think? I think this is Chadd's favorite time of the day especially if you throw in Asher sleeping right next to you. How lucky can you be?! How sweet--love it!

12 year anniversary

Here we are with some of our awesome friends, who decided to leave the state (we won't hold it against them for too long), on our 12th anniversary. We went to a new mexican restaurant called El Pinto. We had a great time and a fun waitress who gave us a free dessert and a recipe for cooking fish. She got a good tip:) We had a fun night together and then went to another friends house for games afterwards. Oh and I fell out of their suv as we arrived there so I was limping around like a gimp, next time I need a ladder to get into their Hummer. We sure miss you Winders!
ps yeah this was like in May, you can see how on top of it I am:)

Daddy daughter dance

Chadd and Addi at the Daddy daughter dance for activity days. Addi helped make her poodle skirt at activity days. She was so excited for this night. They had a great time and afterwards Chadd took Addi to Walmart and bought her a hoola hoop (one for London too so she wouldn't be left out!) She's a pretty good hoola hooper and is trying to be so awesome she can get on The Ellen Show. They look cute!