Sunday, January 25, 2009

District Spelling Bee

Addi was in the district spelling bee last thursday the 22nd. She and a 5th grader represented her school. There were 30 kids from all the elementary and mid high schools there to compete. She did really well for a 3rd grader, she made it to the 3rd round with only 14 kids left, and she and one other girl were the only 3rd graders still in the bee. She beat out the 5th grade boy from her school and much older kids. She missed the word "imam" which is an arabic word that she has never heard of before. Everyone in the room kind of gasped like "ooh". Anyways, if you know the word it isn't hard to spell but when you don't well it was pretty foreign to her. She spelled it imome. Anyways, we are super proud of her, especially since their isn't a list to study from and we didn't do any real prep for it. Good going Addison!!! She got her name in the local paper which she thought was really cool.

Asher Loving His Dog

I got this dog that velcros around a blanket at my baby shower. Asher loves to velcro it around himself instead. He thinks it's the greatest thing and runs around with it snug around his neck. So sweet!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

London and the things she says

London always says the funniest things. And if I was smart I would write them down more often. The other day she said she wanted hard boiled eggs and let's go to the store to buy some. I then told her you can't buy that at the store and Mommy needs to make them. She then proceeding to tell me in her sassiest know-it-all voice, Grandma does! I then say no Grandma makes them too. And again in her sassy voice she says, then how did Grandma get the shells on?! Like she had wrapped up her case against me and how can you be so dumb Mom! Man, she cracks me up.

Addi with her first set of nails

Addi and London went with their Daddy on an emergency trip to Ruidoso to fix a DVD machine on Saturday night, he felt bad since he just came back from being down there 3 days. Anyways, he promised to get them happy meals and a toy they could pick out at walmart. So, they were excited to go on a 7 hour trip with their Dad for these exciting promises:) Doesn't take much to make them happy. They got ready to go with their DVD tv, Didj, Leapster, stuffed animals, blankets, and treats and off they went happily. They got back around 1am, but were so excited to show me their awesome presents. London got a dart gun and something else and Addi got some liquid candy and press-on nails with decals. She worked on filing and putting on decals for hours and then had me put them on. She was more than a little excited about them and after she found out she couldn't get them wet for an hour had me brush her teeth for her. She even asked London to open a bag for her so she wouldn't break one of her nails. It was so cute to watch and see her so excited to be so grown up. And London did her own hair tonight and was so pleased with herself for doing such a good job. She asked me how it looked and then showed me two ways she could wear the do and asked which one looked better. She then primped in front of the mirror for awhile. You gotta love girls. And I sure love mine!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

Ok, you all have seen about all our pics from our vacation, so now it's your turn to update your blogs so I can enjoy seeing what your families have been up to. Make it a new years resolution.
Love you all!


Check out all the bruises and cuts on Asher. Boys!

Family Pics

More family pics I know you are all dying to see:) I have to post them, since they happen so rarely. Taking pics is not Chadd's favorite thing to do, in fact I think he would rather pass a kidney stone then take family pictures. What do you do?! And you gotta love the one with me and Chadd and Asher crying for Chadd to pick him up. We would put him down and he would freak out and run right over, so this pic will give us some fun memories.

Kid Pictures

My friend came over and took some pics for me. These ones of the kids I thought were so cute and the one with Asher laying down is him being uncooperative:)


Just some pics with the cousins, Grandpa and Dad.

Dinosaur Museum

Chadd's parents have a pass to the Dinosaur Museum in Lehi, so we all went up and met Aunt Leslie, Aunt April and Uncle Ben there. They had the most fun in the water area, Asher loved throwing stuff. Well, Taya wasn't a big fan of getting her hands wet and dirty it was so funny.

Hanging with Grandparents

We were able to stop and see all of Chadd's grandparents and of course the kids hung out with Grandma Hiatt. They had fun seeing them all, luckily Asher woke up from his nap to take a picture with Grandpa Great Hiatt.

Hanging with cousin Taya

The kids had so much hanging with their 2 year old cousin Taya, who they haven't seen in about a year. Taya and Addi were best buds. Asher and Taya, well lets just say the two different genders didn't mix well, what with Asher going on and nailing Taya for no reason, the punk! Well, I think Taya got him back, so I think they are even:) What can you say when you put two redheads together.

Kids and their Loot

Here are the kids and their loot, they looked so cute I had to post them. And here's Addi with London doing a fancy one-of-a-kind creation with her hair. See how pleased London is?! Man, she definitely needs some personality:)

White Elephant Party

This year we got to do our white elephant party with my family. We had lots of fun and la
ghs, as you can tell by my Mom doing her signature laugh. Mom made a great dinner and we did ok in gifts we ended up with. Chadd got a collection of cartoons on DVD which my kids watched the whole entire time driving home and kettle korn and well I got a stinky toilet seat and towel made like a elephant. I miss hanging with my family.

Sledding in Utah

We went to Utah 2 days after Christmas for 9 days and had a blast with all of our family there. It was jam packed with something to do and people to visit. We love visiting, but I'm not a huge fan of the snow we usually have to go thru to get there, we will go back in the summer when it's much nicer to travel and not so much gear to bring. This is Chadd's family we went sledding with, we had a great time except we didn't come thru unscathed. Asher fell twice in the parking lot on hard snow and got banged up pretty bad and Addi begged her uncle to go over a jump with her, which didn't end well for her with her uncle on top of her. Good times! But definitely love being back in New Mexico with less snow to deal with. (Grandma and Grandpa Collard came in their car and watched us sled and check out Asher's groovy threads probably from the 80's).