Friday, November 28, 2008

Terrible Blogger lately

I've been so horrible about posting lately. Nothing too eventful, I guess. We did just do a huge amount of planting in our yard. Wish it meant we were done, but still have more. Little by little. I will post some pics soon of the backyard and thanksgiving. We stayed home this year and it was nice, except we miss our family back in Utah.

Friday, November 7, 2008


The kids had a great time this Halloween. They got to trick-or-treat twice and Asher thought it was the bomb. Addi was a 50's girl, London Minnie Mouse and Asher a bear.

Flight Home

We luckily had two rows to ourselves on the way home. Here's Asher climbing the plane seats, pretty impressive. Addi was holding a barf bag to her mouth half the way home and luckily for all on the plane that there were 30 seats empty. A man told us how good our kids were when we got off the plane, he was really impressed, so I guess they did pretty good for the 4 hour flight back. The only bummer to our trip was not making it to the beach due to weather and of course the kids getting sick at the end, but it was all very memorable and well worth it. And now you all are pretty sick of seeing our whole album of our trip to Disneyworld, so don't worry this is the end:)


We went to Gatorland the day we flew home. Had to see the gators!! We saw gator wrestling and tons of gators, and then the kids played in the splash park. It was a good end to our trip.

Last Day


Well accidently put in same pic twice and don't know how to delete without doing it all over and I'm not doing it again.


Just some places in Epcot. We thought we wore London out, but no it takes the flu to bring our energizer bunny down. But mind you, she was up and running the next day. Addi got it the next day and it took her a week to feel better. We loved Epcot and the kids loved finding the Kidcot places in the different countries that they got to color cut outs and attach to a mask.

Storybook Princess Lunch Surprise!

On thursday we went to Epcot and had another surprise for the girls. We took them to the storybook princess lunch at Norway. I checked us in and we were waiting to get called in, the girls were wondering why we were just standing around and asked if we could go to the princess lunch. I told them you have to make reservations like 3 months in advance (which is true) and that we couldn't. They were so bummed. The night before they had seen the Cinderella Royal Table, where they do the same thing in the Magic Kingdom, and wanted to do that as well and they told Chadd that was the one thing that they wanted to do most of all and would make the trip perfect:) So, they called our names and Addi looks at me like "did they just call us to go in?" all incredulous! I said yes and she was beside herself with excitement. If London had been feeling better, I know she would be as excited as Addi, but she came down with the flu that day. It was so much fun and great food. It was way worth the overpriciness of the meal, and it was actually Chadd's bday, so they brought him and London a bday cupcake (her bday was the week before). London didin't eat anything, but I think enjoyed it all. It was very fun.

Magic Kingdom

I had to take like 20 shots to get Asher with Mickey ears on, he kept pulling them off, the little stinker.

Magic Kingdom again

We went back to magic kingdom to go on the rides we missed the first time. We went on Space Mountain loved it and Chadd was so excited for the Pirates of the Carribean ride which had no line! Then Jack Sparrow came by and London became an honorary pirate, so she can't bathe anymore:) We had such a fabulous time there. The kids favorite rides were Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain (Asher's was the water area and little toddlers playarea by these rides).

Hollywood Studios

Had to get Asher eating the Huge turkey leg that Chadd got for free as a magic moment:) And had to have a picture of our everyday ride on the parking lot shuttle, which was always a joy to take all our stuff off our stroller and put on with kids, and close up our strollers. It was a production every time.

Hollywoood Studios-4th Day

We loved the rides here. The tower of terror and aerosmith ride ROCKED!! London didn't love the tower of terror, but she did it anyways. They got to see a Beauty and the Beast show, the Muppet Show, and Indiana Jones stunt show they were all fun. Addi got to train to be a patowan (sp?) for Star Wars and fight Darth Vador. I'm going to post a video of her doing it. Plus, they had the best firework show of all the parks, at the end of the night.

Animal Kingdom-3rd Day

This is one of Addi's favorite parks. They got to ride some fast rides and be a part of the lion king show. And I have to say, I'm not fond of the humidity, my hair looks crazy and not the best the whole stay, since I have naturally curly hair that I straighten. It was pretty pointless to do there.