Friday, December 26, 2008

Cute Pics of Asher

Had to post these fun pictures of Asher with his huge candy cane that he used as a cane and jamming yet another peppermint patty in his mouth. He must of eaten a pound of chocolate throughout the day and man he crashed hard at the end of the day. Let's just say tantrum and Mom hid the candy so it wouldn't be an issue for the next day.

Christmas Morning

Here's some pictures of the kids with their new loot. Asher loved pretty much every gift. He got a basketball hoop and ball and knew just what to do, without any guidance. He also got this huge fighter jet plane, that I think Asher is going to have to fight Chadd to play with:) Addi and London both got game players, a Leapster and Didj, which they played almost all day. Addi was so cute she told me all she wanted was a poetry book from Shel Silverstein, a nintendo ds, and a fur real pet. She was so excited to get "Don't bump the glump" and "Tale of Despereaux" and she loved the Didj and said it was better than the nintendo ds because it taught her stuff. But, I think one of her favorite things was moon shoes that she jumped in for 1/2 the day. London asked for an outfit that "mommy likes":), a pet-she got sea monkeys, and some little pocket pets. She loved the leapster. All were happy for what they got and then we had a very lazy day hanging out at home doing nothing. This was a first for us since we are always leaving for Utah soon after presents, so it was a nice break. Plus, you wouldn't believe it but we took down our christmas tree that night and hauled it to a park where they turn it into mulch. It was nice to have done before leaving for Utah, plus now I'm not so worried about having my house burn down from the dried out christmas tree:)

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, we always open a couple of presents, usually pjs or slippers and a new christmas book (like probably a lot of people) and Chadd read them the story. Here's some cute pics of the kids in their new pjs and Asher's new spiderman slippers that he calls "shoes". He loves them!

I had to put both pics of the kids, because I think it's so funny how London always poses! Little Miss Sassy! Had to put a picture in of me and miss Addi with our new hairdos. Addi loves hers and thinks she is "it" with long bangs! It was fun to go with her, she is growing up so fast and should be taller than her Mom in the next couple years:)

Christmas Eve Dinner

Again, thanks to Chadd we had a great Christmas Eve dinner. He got tamales at costco and made a nicely plated mex
can meal. It was very yummy and glad I didn't have to worry about that after me and Addi came home from the salon.

Trip to the Natural History Museum

Ok, note to self, don't set yourself up for disappointment when you ask Chadd to take pics of kids at some outing. Chadd was great and took the kids to the museum while I exercised, wrapped presents, and met me at the hair salon later to get mine and Addi's hair cut. I sent him with the camera to get fun pics of the kids at the museum, which me and Asher have never been to. Well, this is the picture Chadd got of their outing, the trip home while Asher crashed with his sandwich in his hand (I found old cheese left in the car a few days later from this trip:). Well, at least he got one picture.

Fun at the Mall?!

At the mall, again! We decided we should let the kids have some fun as well:) We are such nice parents. You can see the girls

o the left of Chadd on the carousel making themselves sick. I did that once with London, never again. Good times!

Annual White Elephant Christmas Party

We had our white elephant christmas party and had such a fun time. Lots of laughs with people fighting over chocolate body paint and some other fun goodies. Our friends were so excited to get our silly gift, which I cannot reveal until after my families party in Utah. It doesn't feel like Christmas until we have had this party, so we are grateful for all our friends who could make it to the party.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


We were just taking some pics during the holidays and Addi had to have a picture of her new talent.

London's last day of school

London got to wear pjs for her last day of school before winter break. She was so funny, she was worried kids at school were going to make fun of her for wearing these specific pjs. Where does she come up with this stuff? But then she needed a pic of herself.

My little chocoholic

My little boy is a chocoholic and will use all his pouting, crying, screaming skills to get what he wants the little turkey. Man he had a good time "helping" Mom bake.

Fort Building

My girls, especially London, love to build forts, much to my chagrin, as they think it has to always be built downstairs in our family room and that it is my job to clean it up. But they have such a fun time. Asher didn't love it too much, he is crawling out of it as fast as he can crying.

Asher and guns

Asher came running out of the kitchen with two finds from the kitchen cabinet that accidently was left open. A glue gun and hoze nozzle that he started shooting at me. So funny! I swear that boy can make a gun out of anything, even peanut butter sandwiches.

Girls enjoying the snow

The girls had a blast jumping on the tramp in the snow and Asher, well, he had an ok time:)

Addi sledding

Here's Addi getting the most out of the snow. She is trying to sled down our driveway.

Snow Day

Rio Rancho got some snow the other day, it snowed all day long. So, I got the call that school was cancelled which is so funny. Anyways, the kids had fun making a little snowman, jumping on the trampoline with all the snow and Addi decided it would be fun to ride her sled down our rock pile on our driveway to the street. Good thing no cars came when she went all the way to the other side to our neighbor's driveway. Asher was dying to go outside and I had this older hand-me-down snowsuit that cracked us up, got him in it and then he was ticked with it on. He fun outside for a little bit and then he was just mad with the attached gloves, so we went back inside and he was mad again. Oh brother!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chadd Takes Another Lover

That's right everybody. There's just enough game left in this old playa to bag a new phone. You didn't think I'd take a real lover and have the audacity to post it on our family blog right? Didn't think so. But you've got to check one of these out sometime. I'm sure most of you have seen the commercial where they show somebody looking up google maps and then kicking over to google streetview and it shows up in real time on the phone where the person is. Well, that aint the half of it honey. This thing's got a touch screen, removable high capacity micro SD card (up to 16 gigs of removable love. Makes the iPhone look like a table cracker.) 3.1 mp camera, 3g capable, google talk, AIM, MSN msgr, Yahoo msgr, facebook, gmail, any other POP or IMAP mail, and thats just the shizzle already insizzle. Feel me?

Also, the operating system the G1 uses (I refuse to use the degrading term "smart phone" for something so elegant) is the google android open source platform. For all you non-nerds out there, this means the phone can be modified and applications can be developed by anyone with the time and ability to do so. In turn most of these apps are free at the android market site accessible on the G1 unlike the cash you gotta lay out in Apple's app store (take that iCracker). We're talking totally useful apps, as well as games, like Compare Everywhere, a barcode scanner program that lets you scan the barcode on something you want to purchase which in turn pulls up prices, both locally and online, and reviews from people who've purchased in the past. I use this all the time.

The other day I dl'd this game called Zombie Run which uses the GPS function on the phone (that's right, built in GPS that uses google maps to give you Garmin-like directions to your destination in real time--I know, totally worth its own paragraph, but you gotta pick your battles. So, I see my location on the phone and I have to pick a destination I'd like to get to. Np I'm thinking, so I pick something a couple of blocks away and BAM!! Sweet mama, I've got zombies coming at me from all sides. They aren't moving quick, they're the undead after all, I've heard that tends to take the zip out of your stride, but they're trying to cut me off! I've got to move quickly. I'm out of my house, and running like a crazed chicken licker trying to evade the walking dead who want to kill me, but nobody else knows what I'm doing. So I'm checking my G1 to see where those jerks are while watching out for curbs and vegetation and running down the street. People are looking out their windows and up or down the street thinking double d's finally lost it, I knew the day was coming. "Hey Madge come get a load of that Hiatt joker up the street. I think his thought box's finally bought the farm. I told you it was gonna happen." I haven't even told Tracy about this yet, but man, if a game can get my butt out of my house and running then I gotta give it props. I mean, I can move. I got wheels still, even if they're only good for short sweaty distances at this point, but I hate running with a passion born of sore knees and shrivelled, atrophied lungs. I made it, but I hate zombies too.

Oh, and I love this thing so much that I bought a Best Skins Ever protector for it. they're only $7.99 plus shipping but you gotta check out this video and see that it really makes a huge difference. This cat goes after his laptop with a fork and can't scratch it because of the protector. . So, now that you all want one you can check out and get yours. It's a little grippy right after you put it on and it will pull lint out of your pocket for a week or so, but that goes away quickly and you'll love the fact that you can't scratch your touchscreen now! Buy it for your iCracker too. Other companies like Zagg are selling they're "invisible shield" for 25 bones. Lame. Same stuff too as far as I can tell. Buy it, you'll thank me later.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

London's Fancy Outfit

London dressed up in her own creative way and then had to put on some of my jewelery, perfume and my red lipgloss (that didn't really stay on just her lips) and then wanted a pic of herself. She comes up with some fun stuff, gotta love her creativity. I love her! (oh, and I can't forget that she put on her favorite Hannah Montana shoes that she wants to wear with EVERYTHING!)

Newly Painted Door and Asher's New Church Clothes

We finally painted our front door, and after a couple of weeks, I like it. I have a hard time with choosing paint color and go into shock for awhile after we have painted something. Picking out paint colors is such a difficult thing for me, if I was better at it more of my house would be painted already. Anybody with expertise can come help me anytime!!! The door painted definitely makes it look cleaner.
I also finally found some church clothes for Asher, and now he is the man! Look at that handsome boy!

Asher and Pie

This is Asher enjoying someone else's pie that they left for a second. Cute boy!

Thanksgiving on our own for the first time

We stayed home for the first time in 12 years to have our own Thanksgiving. We had some friends, the Drakes, over for the feast. It was a fabulous dinner!! We had pretty much everything we would have if we had gone home. We made rolls, sweet potato casserole, cheesy vegetables, and 4 pies. They were all super good. We also had some mishaps with salt as we were making stuff and had to throw away a batch of rolls and pie filling, we were getting delirious by the end of the night before Thanksgiving, but luckily we caught our mistakes and didn't serve salt rolls and salt pumpkin pie:) Jamie Drake brought cards for the kids to make, which they loved. Then had some more neighbors over, the Fitzgerald's, for pie. We had 7 pies and a pan of brownies for 6 adults and 8 kids. Lots of fun, the only bummer was it rained pretty much all day and the kids couldn't go outside and play. Fun day though and nice not to have to make the 10+hour drive to Utah for a few days. But it is sure nice to go home too and not have to make so much stuff as well.