Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trapping cats is much easier than herding cats.

Addi came upstairs today upset because London had determined that she was the sole possesor of all good ideas and Addi's ideas were stupid. So, I had to ask, after reassuring Addi that London was mistaken, "What idea is London calling stupid?" Addi responded, "Remember that stray cat that keeps coming in the back yard? I wanted to catch it so I was building a trap and London says it won't work."

So, I had to go and take a look at Addi's cat trap. She had the basics down: yarn for bait cause cats like yarn, a tote for a trap and a cardboard box to hide behind so the cat wouldn't see them, and with a few refining pointers from her old man these were the finished products.

I then gave them some pointers on trapping:

  1. Trapping takes a long time because of the "people smell" on the traps. Be prepared to sit out here for quite a while till the wind blows the scent away.

  2. Cats are smart and have really good eyes. If you move they will see you and run away, so no hitting each other while you wait.

  3. Cats are smart and have really good ears. If you make noise they will hear you and run away so don't call each other names while your waiting.

  4. Make the strings long enough that you can sit in the shade because you'll want to be comfortable while you wait out here for so long.

Then I went inside to take a nap.

London came upstairs half-an-hour later to inform us that "my trap is a piece of junk. It's not as good as Addi's."