Sunday, July 13, 2008

Girls trip

At the end of June I went with a group of girls down to Rocky Point, Mexico. I had a blast! We spent the first night at my friend's, Mieke, in-laws in Tucson. We stayed in this beautiful condo overlooking the beach and basically laid out, read, played games, ate great food, shopped, and rode a banana boat that made 2 girls lose their sunglasses and me to almost throw up as I gulped up the ocean. The best part was swimming in the ocean and just riding the waves. It was nice and warm and the sand was so soft. Well, it was great until the time we stayed out while the sun set and the tide changed and the jellyfish came our way and stung me, Joy, and Mieke. Man it would've been fun to have a video of us six women screaming and running out of the ocean as fast as possible. Windex and vinegar helped, luckily we didn't have to resort to some other options! It definitely provided for some fun memories. We also ate fabulous fresh tortillas and great chicken tacos at this great little restaurant. It was sure fun to go and relax. Thanks to my hubby and friends who helped with the kids while I was gone.:) And thanks to Mieke for provided a fun girls trip. Loved it!


Jamie said...

That was a fun trip!! I am glad we went even though you and I were on the fence for awhile. I want to go again tomorrow!

D Winder said...

It sure looks like you guys had a great time. Sure wish I was able to go with you. Seeing all of the pictures sure makes me miss you guys tons!