Sunday, January 18, 2009

Addi with her first set of nails

Addi and London went with their Daddy on an emergency trip to Ruidoso to fix a DVD machine on Saturday night, he felt bad since he just came back from being down there 3 days. Anyways, he promised to get them happy meals and a toy they could pick out at walmart. So, they were excited to go on a 7 hour trip with their Dad for these exciting promises:) Doesn't take much to make them happy. They got ready to go with their DVD tv, Didj, Leapster, stuffed animals, blankets, and treats and off they went happily. They got back around 1am, but were so excited to show me their awesome presents. London got a dart gun and something else and Addi got some liquid candy and press-on nails with decals. She worked on filing and putting on decals for hours and then had me put them on. She was more than a little excited about them and after she found out she couldn't get them wet for an hour had me brush her teeth for her. She even asked London to open a bag for her so she wouldn't break one of her nails. It was so cute to watch and see her so excited to be so grown up. And London did her own hair tonight and was so pleased with herself for doing such a good job. She asked me how it looked and then showed me two ways she could wear the do and asked which one looked better. She then primped in front of the mirror for awhile. You gotta love girls. And I sure love mine!


D Winder said...

I have to totally agree with you on how much fun girls are!!! Isabel is always a hoot at the salon when we go and get our hair done, and like any girl she loves a great pedicure.