Sunday, December 7, 2008

Asher's New Trick

Asher wanted to get in the shower with me the other day, he signed "please", but I had to say no. Well, I hear something like kicking the tub next to the shower and think Asher is just kicking the side of it. Well, I get out and there is Asher in the tub fully clothed with the water on. He was having a grand old time. He was probably like "oh, really, we will see about that" when I said no to him. The little punk! Luckily, I have caught him doing this one other time since then. (I do keep the door to my bathroom closed at all times now).



cute kid

G said...

Oh sakes. I posted this same "trick" a few weeks ago. Owen thinks it's a good idea to throw Johns shoes in the tub and then turn the water on. Little boys????