Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning

Here's some pictures of the kids with their new loot. Asher loved pretty much every gift. He got a basketball hoop and ball and knew just what to do, without any guidance. He also got this huge fighter jet plane, that I think Asher is going to have to fight Chadd to play with:) Addi and London both got game players, a Leapster and Didj, which they played almost all day. Addi was so cute she told me all she wanted was a poetry book from Shel Silverstein, a nintendo ds, and a fur real pet. She was so excited to get "Don't bump the glump" and "Tale of Despereaux" and she loved the Didj and said it was better than the nintendo ds because it taught her stuff. But, I think one of her favorite things was moon shoes that she jumped in for 1/2 the day. London asked for an outfit that "mommy likes":), a pet-she got sea monkeys, and some little pocket pets. She loved the leapster. All were happy for what they got and then we had a very lazy day hanging out at home doing nothing. This was a first for us since we are always leaving for Utah soon after presents, so it was a nice break. Plus, you wouldn't believe it but we took down our christmas tree that night and hauled it to a park where they turn it into mulch. It was nice to have done before leaving for Utah, plus now I'm not so worried about having my house burn down from the dried out christmas tree:)