Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chadd Takes Another Lover

That's right everybody. There's just enough game left in this old playa to bag a new phone. You didn't think I'd take a real lover and have the audacity to post it on our family blog right? Didn't think so. But you've got to check one of these out sometime. I'm sure most of you have seen the commercial where they show somebody looking up google maps and then kicking over to google streetview and it shows up in real time on the phone where the person is. Well, that aint the half of it honey. This thing's got a touch screen, removable high capacity micro SD card (up to 16 gigs of removable love. Makes the iPhone look like a table cracker.) 3.1 mp camera, 3g capable, google talk, AIM, MSN msgr, Yahoo msgr, facebook, gmail, any other POP or IMAP mail, and thats just the shizzle already insizzle. Feel me?

Also, the operating system the G1 uses (I refuse to use the degrading term "smart phone" for something so elegant) is the google android open source platform. For all you non-nerds out there, this means the phone can be modified and applications can be developed by anyone with the time and ability to do so. In turn most of these apps are free at the android market site accessible on the G1 unlike the cash you gotta lay out in Apple's app store (take that iCracker). We're talking totally useful apps, as well as games, like Compare Everywhere, a barcode scanner program that lets you scan the barcode on something you want to purchase which in turn pulls up prices, both locally and online, and reviews from people who've purchased in the past. I use this all the time.

The other day I dl'd this game called Zombie Run which uses the GPS function on the phone (that's right, built in GPS that uses google maps to give you Garmin-like directions to your destination in real time--I know, totally worth its own paragraph, but you gotta pick your battles. So, I see my location on the phone and I have to pick a destination I'd like to get to. Np I'm thinking, so I pick something a couple of blocks away and BAM!! Sweet mama, I've got zombies coming at me from all sides. They aren't moving quick, they're the undead after all, I've heard that tends to take the zip out of your stride, but they're trying to cut me off! I've got to move quickly. I'm out of my house, and running like a crazed chicken licker trying to evade the walking dead who want to kill me, but nobody else knows what I'm doing. So I'm checking my G1 to see where those jerks are while watching out for curbs and vegetation and running down the street. People are looking out their windows and up or down the street thinking double d's finally lost it, I knew the day was coming. "Hey Madge come get a load of that Hiatt joker up the street. I think his thought box's finally bought the farm. I told you it was gonna happen." I haven't even told Tracy about this yet, but man, if a game can get my butt out of my house and running then I gotta give it props. I mean, I can move. I got wheels still, even if they're only good for short sweaty distances at this point, but I hate running with a passion born of sore knees and shrivelled, atrophied lungs. I made it, but I hate zombies too.

Oh, and I love this thing so much that I bought a Best Skins Ever protector for it. they're only $7.99 plus shipping but you gotta check out this video and see that it really makes a huge difference. This cat goes after his laptop with a fork and can't scratch it because of the protector. . So, now that you all want one you can check out and get yours. It's a little grippy right after you put it on and it will pull lint out of your pocket for a week or so, but that goes away quickly and you'll love the fact that you can't scratch your touchscreen now! Buy it for your iCracker too. Other companies like Zagg are selling they're "invisible shield" for 25 bones. Lame. Same stuff too as far as I can tell. Buy it, you'll thank me later.

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Hahahaha. I was going to leave you a comment asking you to change the font color on this post cuz I can't read a damn word of it. I'm glad I did too because that comment is hilarious. Please fix this issue so that i can read about your new lover.