Friday, February 22, 2008

Addison Poetry

Addi is going to be turning "8" in a month and will be baptized on April 12th. She is so excited, especially because she gets to go to activity days. Since this pic she has her hair cut in a A-line cut and she loves it. Her teacher said that Addi gave her the courage to cut her hair. Addi is into friends, science projects and visiting the science museum as much as possible, jumping on the tramp, piano, and, don't tell her I told you, a boy named Carson in her class. She is all about learning tricks on the bars at school and not running after the boys like all her girlfriends (well she used to be into that). She recently told me she wants to take dance again, which I'm pretty surprised about with having to wrestle her to the ground to get her to go a couple years ago. I thought she might like to play soccer or do gymnastics. Well, whatever, I know with her that she needs to want to do something or it's going to be a nightmare for everyone involved.
She loves her baby brother to death and is super helpful with him. And it's a fight every time we get into the car, who gets to sit by Asher. Well, it's all good I'm just glad they love their brother. She's growing so much that I feel like I'm constantly buying her new clothes. She will most definitely outgrow her Mom. :)