Tuesday, February 19, 2008

London Autumn falling as usual

London decided to climb like a monkey, as usual, and fall, as usual, and break her arm last tuesday. We took her to our neighbors, who we lovingly call the Rohm urgent care center (the dad is a family doctor) and had her checked out. He wasn't sure if her arm was broken or sprained, so he wrapped it up and we gave her motrin and went off to the pinewood derby at church. While we were there she fell running right onto her same hurt arm. Awesome! The next morning she came in and said her arm still hurt and her fingers were all swollen, so we decided to take her into the peditrician to have x-rays taken. And yes it was broken thru and thru on her radius bone and bent upwards, so they sent us to the orthopedic doctor that same day to have them set and cast her arm. By the way, the doctor was in awe at how calm she was for such a bad break. At the orthopedic doctors they told me (Tracy) that they would have to push on her arm to set it and would just do it real fast without sedating her. They set it and she just whimpered a little bit as I held her, but then all the blood ran down my body and I started to sweat. I about fainted!! What a baby! So they bring me a chair and a washcloth while London is getting her arm casted in hot pink, she was excited about that. Anyways, she has it on for a month and gets it off on St. Patricks Day. She still runs around like crazy and is still falling everywhere. She's going to give me a heart attack. Enough already little London! Maybe we shouldn't have named her Autumn (or in other words, Fall). What did we do?!