Friday, February 22, 2008

Asher Blain

Asher is starting to get down some of the basics to crawl and seems like it will be no time till it happens. Man my world is going to change. He does a push-up, brings his knees in and starts to rock and lunge. He says "ma ma" and the letter "k" sound all the time. He tends to be a momma's boy and isn't too keen when Dad comes and takes him away. The boy likes to eat and isn't too excited to get baby food while we eat. He's like "what's up with that" and yells. He loves big people food and man oh man--smoothies! Today I made a milkshake and the instant he heard the blender going he gave me the staredown, like where's mine. His arms and legs were going as fast as they possibly can and then he got all sad as he didn't get any and I drank mine. He's such a sweet boy! He loves to smile at everyone while we are out and about.

Man he is growing up fast.