Sunday, August 24, 2008

Addi wants curly hair for a day


Addi wanted to have curly hair for school, so we put soft curlers in hair at night so it would actually hold a curl. The next morning she was up at the crack of dawn asking me to take out her curlers to see her new cute hairdo. Well, as we are taking them out I'm trying to hold back the gasps and "oh my goodness" facial expressions. We got them all out and I thought maybe if we just brush it, it will calm down and all will be okay. But as you can see it grew and grew. By then we were cracking up and searching for the camera. Addi then went into the bathroom to see if she could save her hairdo. So she squirted her hair with water and started brushing, not a good idea! Now she had crazy tight curls and stick straight hair everywhere. I tried hard not to laugh but oh man it was so funny. She was good humored about it and we ended up straightening it back. Hope she doesn't ever ask for a perm:)

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G said...

That is too funny. Her hair shrunk, like 6 inches! Hilarious.