Sunday, August 3, 2008

All of you eighties metal heads can just think of your favorite Cinderella song. . .

Tracy and the kids left to visit Tracy's mom in Pinetop, Arizona last Sunday so, being the dedicated employee I am, I crammed the week full of work: I left for Roswell right after the kids and Tracy embarked on their journey to Arizona. I got to work early Monday morning in Roswell and kept going right on through the evening for dinner with a doctor and my partner Sandra. Tuesday I finished up in Roswell and hauled myself back the 200 miles to Albuquerque for dinner with the staff of an office and a couple of nurse educators. Wednesday I worked all day and then had a dinner program in Albuquerque. Thursday I worked and then met a bunch of reps and doctors for dinner in Santa Fe. I stayed in Santa Fe Thursday night and attended the International Society for Clinical Densitometry's Santa Fe Bone Symposium that Started early Friday morning and went through most of Saturday. Friday evening, simply to insure my iminent insanity I threw in another dinner program. Tracy and the kids got back to Albuquerque Friday afternoon and I got home Saturday around 5:30 PM.

On the way to my house from Santa Fe I kept imagining myself hugging Tracy and the little people. I was so excited to see them all that I couldn't decide who to hug first or for how long and wished to be in four pieces pressing them all against me at the same time. I pulled into the driveway afraid I'd be sick with the anticipation building in my abdomen. As the garage door went up I saw that Tracy's car wasn't in its usual spot. Entering my empty house was a disappointment of biblical magnitude (think storm of fiery frogs instead of burning hail). My family was out school shopping.

For some reason--some self-defeating, and ultimately daft reason--I am not great at letting Tracy know how I feel about her and the little people we've created. Tracy, I hope you have a moment to read this soon and know I love you most of all. You bring meaning to my life, your my. . . oh, not another sappy eighties song. Man, Peter Cetera stole all the truly great sappy things to say already didn't he. I hate that guy. Well, maybe hate is too strong, but if there were a word that meant love with the strength of hate that would be how I feel about you Racy-Ray. I absolutely revile you with love.



Taylor and Stephanie Haught said...

How cute of Chadd to write that for you! I am glad that we can keep in touch through the blogging world, although I would love to see you in person at some point!!

D Winder said...

That was so sweet of Chadd to write that to you. He is a definite keeper!