Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First day of school


Addison and London had their first day of school August 18th. It started out with a call, around 6:30am, from the school saying there was a 2 hour delay because of damage done to school buses. So, the kids were bummed because they were so excited to go and kept asking if it was time to go. Addi was all cool when she got there like she didn't need us anymore and London was a little apprehensive at first and then found a friend and was just fine. Then they came home on the bus, which was about 30 minutes late. They had a great first day and Addi really liked her teacher. Both girls have a Mrs. Martinez for their teacher, crazy huh?! London was bummed that she didn't get to play on the big playground since school was shortened and then was totally bored during quiet time where they laid down and listened to music. If you know London, that was probably a chore and a huge feat for her to lay still for any length of time. Little do her teachers know that she doesn't require a nap, it just makes her stay up longer!!! I got a good laugh out of that and she said she was a little scared because she laid underneath the computer station or something, weird. We'll see how long she can be good during this time. I don't remember Addi's kindergarten class doing this. I won't be surprised to hear from her teachers that she has a hard time holding still. Anyways, they better keep up the pace or she is going to go crazy with boredom. London also informed me that she loves taking the bus. This year there is like 10 kindergarten girls on the same bus, fun for the driver:) And Addi is ecstatic that they are doing a ton of science this year and can't wait to get started. Oh, and London informed me this morning that she didn't want to bring lunch, she wanted to buy it at the cafeteria. Man oh man that kid always wants to go out for dinner, shopping, anything but stay home. She is so funny!
It should be a fun year for them and hopefully Asher will survive without his buddies to hang out with.

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G said...

Dane has nap time too. 'Sup with that? He said it was weird and his neighbor kept poking him. They are such cuties with their ribbons. I wish Anna would let me do that to her.

D Winder said...

The girls look so cute. All of the videos are so fun to watch. Your little guy is growing up so fast. We sure miss you guys!

Laurel said...

man i think i would have been a little nervous all day with things not running so smooth. your girls look cute and that sign well it was beautiful. that is so sad that they have all day kindergarten and then they make them have rest time. glad your kids love school. i have a feeling that my kids will be the opposite. we will see:)