Friday, November 7, 2008

Flight Home

We luckily had two rows to ourselves on the way home. Here's Asher climbing the plane seats, pretty impressive. Addi was holding a barf bag to her mouth half the way home and luckily for all on the plane that there were 30 seats empty. A man told us how good our kids were when we got off the plane, he was really impressed, so I guess they did pretty good for the 4 hour flight back. The only bummer to our trip was not making it to the beach due to weather and of course the kids getting sick at the end, but it was all very memorable and well worth it. And now you all are pretty sick of seeing our whole album of our trip to Disneyworld, so don't worry this is the end:)


Sunni said...

Wow, you guys got a lot packed in that week! What a fun trip!

Karen McGrew Skousen said...

Looks like you had a fun filled family vacation!!!