Friday, November 7, 2008


The kids had a great time this Halloween. They got to trick-or-treat twice and Asher thought it was the bomb. Addi was a 50's girl, London Minnie Mouse and Asher a bear.


Laurel said...

man you have been busy. your vacation looked so fun. that is awesome you were able to surprise your kids like that. looks like it was pretty jam packed. i love that dress that you have on in one of the pictures. super cute where did you get it. your kids look so cute in their costumes. i love londons she is the perfect minnie mouse.

Palinista! said...

Whatever, how cute is your blog/kids/life I'm so glad to find you since no Christmas card last year . . . I'll forgive, that's the kind of person I am :). I need to check out your blog more thoroughly, and I'll add you to my blog list. I'm not the greatest blogger, only every couple of weeks but oh well. I'm glad you're happy!