Friday, November 7, 2008

Storybook Princess Lunch Surprise!

On thursday we went to Epcot and had another surprise for the girls. We took them to the storybook princess lunch at Norway. I checked us in and we were waiting to get called in, the girls were wondering why we were just standing around and asked if we could go to the princess lunch. I told them you have to make reservations like 3 months in advance (which is true) and that we couldn't. They were so bummed. The night before they had seen the Cinderella Royal Table, where they do the same thing in the Magic Kingdom, and wanted to do that as well and they told Chadd that was the one thing that they wanted to do most of all and would make the trip perfect:) So, they called our names and Addi looks at me like "did they just call us to go in?" all incredulous! I said yes and she was beside herself with excitement. If London had been feeling better, I know she would be as excited as Addi, but she came down with the flu that day. It was so much fun and great food. It was way worth the overpriciness of the meal, and it was actually Chadd's bday, so they brought him and London a bday cupcake (her bday was the week before). London didin't eat anything, but I think enjoyed it all. It was very fun.