Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 1

We got to Disneyworld and loaded up got in the gates to take a monorail to the park and our stroller'S (we borrowed) wheel feel off! So we limped onto the monorail and as we are leaving the intercom system lets us know we are on our way to epcot, so we take the trip full circle back to where we started and get on the right one. We get in and went to guest services to see if someone can help us fix the stroller. Luckily a parade had just started,so I took the kids out to watch while Chadd fixed the stroller. Some worker worked wonders and fixed the stroller-phew! It was a fun first day with the first ride to the Haunted Mansion-London wasn't loving it the whole time. The weather was great, just a little rain at night. The kids had a blast and Asher liked the water area the best. I think we waited the longest for the Dumbo ride.